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Food Scraps = Veggie Broth

I’m going to go out on a limb and say food scraps are a huge source of waste in almost every household, whether they’re going down the drain or in the garbage.  Regarding the former, Re-Nest had a post recently where they discussed the value of a garbage disposal after having decided not to install one in their new house.  I for one have always loved my various garbage disposals when I’ve been fortunate(?) enough to have one in my apartment, but I am now starting to realize how much of a crutch it can be. Now this article is starting to make me question whether I should be using it at all.  For one thing it makes composting optional (when the options are limited to throwing out food scraps and potentially stinking up your apartment and composting, composting becomes much more appealing), which really shouldn’t be the case.

What I’m trying to lead into here, as the title suggests, is an article via Wise Bread from Domestik Goddess on making veggie broth from your food scraps. I’ve always wondered what it would take to replace those little cubes and apparently the Goddess has an answer for me.

Re-Nest: Living Without A Garbage Disposal

Domestik Goddess: DIY Vegetable Broth from Scraps

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