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Antique China = Pretty Awesome Lamp

From our friends* at Design*Sponge (via Daisies and Pearls) I bring you some re-creation inspiration.  We’ve got a fair number of old china hanging around the upper reaches and far-back crevices of our kitchen cabinets and shelves, but alas they’re heirlooms and boy would I be in trouble if I tried anything like this with them.  That said, I know there are a few antique shops around and maybe even some second hand stores with some castaway china at reasonable-if-not-downright-cheap prices.  And while this certainly looks hard to do, Design*Sponge assures us it’s relatively easy, assuming you have a tile/glass drill bit.

diy project: sarah’s china teaware lamp.

Personally, I think this lamp looks amazing – it’s got a bit of an Alice In Wonderland tea party scene look to it.

* I don’t actually know anyone at Design*Sponge to qualify them friends, but I do enjoy tossing that word around casually so as to associate myself with their fine work.

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