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The Many Reuses of Bread Tins

One of the many odd things I’ve had bestowed upon me by previous tenants of my various abodes throughout the years is a polaroid picture of Dustin Hoffman circa 1985.  While it is unquestionably one of the coolest things I now own (I couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind for the next tenant), it’s also incredibly odd that someone decided to leave it behind.  The same goes for the muffin pans that I’ve inherited from my current apartment.  The question of what motivates someone to leave behind such objects is perhaps an interesting one, but not one I’m going to waste any time on here.  I’ve been led down this metaphysical path by an article on Re-Nest about the various uses for old, otherwise unusable bread tins.

Perhaps there’s someone out there who can tie all this rambling together by fishing out that rusty bread tin inherited from tenants past and make, say, a vintage-looking planter out of it?

Bread Tins No More: 5 Creative New Uses.

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Creative Reuse: The Many Miracles of Vinegar

While vaguely familiar with some of vinegar’s many uses I still mostly associate it with my favorite type of chips.  Now, thanks to Wise Bread, that signature smell will connote everything from fixing anemic plants to removing blood stains to settling my stomach to predetermining the sex of children.  If that doesn’t sound intriguing then I don’t know what will.

10 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Use Vinegar.

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