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Creative Reuse: Juicer Pulp =

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Ah the juicer.  Is there a more underutilized kitchen appliance out there?  Not for most people, I’d reckon.  I’d also venture that when one actually is in regular use it’s one of the best appliances out there.  In my kitchen we’ve got literally the Champion of juicers (thank you, craigslist), and it single-handedly gives us more kitchen cred than any other thing in there.  One minor problem that anyone with a juicer has experienced, however, is what to do with all of that excess pulp that’s leftover.  Well, as we’re accustomed to doing around here, we’ve got the solution for you, thanks to the great minds over at The Kitchn:

7 Ways To Use Juicer Pulp

They’ve got everything from cakes to muffins to crackers to pasta covered.  Having experimented myself, I’m personally a fan of putting it in salads and making it into veggie burgers, with the addition of a little egg white to keep things together.

Image: Emily Ho for The Kitchen


Reuse Resource: Swap & Share Sites

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

We’ve talked about freecycle here, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Re-Nest has a list of ten other sites for those looking to find creative reuse resources without having to dole out any dough.  They cover everything from baby-ware to bikes to makeup.  The one that really catches my eye is Portland, OR’s tool exchange.  I’m currently taking a woodworking class and one of the obvious benefits is access to all of the tools that would otherwise be too cost-prohibitive to own myself.  In fact, there’s a open studio class that fills up every semester with people who just want access to them.  If Portland, ME had a similar tool “club” you can bet I’d be a member.

Via Re-Nest: Collaborative Consumption: 10 Swap & Share Sites.

Creative Reuse: Junk Mail = Food Funnel

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Even if you have removed yourself from junk mail lists (you can do so here: and gone to paperless billing on your accounts, there’s no avoiding getting unwanted mail almost every day of the week.  Today we found this article, via Re-Nest, on one way to repurpose that mail:

Repurpose Your Junk Mail In The Kitchen

A lot of the commenters are pretty disgusted by the idea of using envelopes as a funnel but we say chill the f out, people, it’s just an envelope.  Personally, the most use I get out of my junk mail is for making quick to-do or grocery lists.  Why waste a clean sheet of paper when you’ve got a white, otherwise useless envelope sitting in today’s mail.

Anyone out there have other creative reuses for junk mail?

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