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The Many Reuses of Bread Tins

One of the many odd things I’ve had bestowed upon me by previous tenants of my various abodes throughout the years is a polaroid picture of Dustin Hoffman circa 1985.  While it is unquestionably one of the coolest things I now own (I couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind for the next tenant), it’s also incredibly odd that someone decided to leave it behind.  The same goes for the muffin pans that I’ve inherited from my current apartment.  The question of what motivates someone to leave behind such objects is perhaps an interesting one, but not one I’m going to waste any time on here.  I’ve been led down this metaphysical path by an article on Re-Nest about the various uses for old, otherwise unusable bread tins.

Perhaps there’s someone out there who can tie all this rambling together by fishing out that rusty bread tin inherited from tenants past and make, say, a vintage-looking planter out of it?

Bread Tins No More: 5 Creative New Uses.

Image via ReadyMade


15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

As spring slowly warms things up around here we’ve got our eyes set on outdoor planting.  Thanks to Re-Nest, we’ve got a whole slew of ideas for what to use for planters without having to hit up Home Depot.  Specifically, we’ve got our eyes on the chair and the tin cans, as we happen to have both on hand.


via 15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt.

Image via The Seattle Times

Creative Reuse: Toilet Paper Rolls = Seed Starts

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Re-Nest today has a great little piece on seed starting with toilet paper rolls.  Any and all cardboard is a garden’s best friend, as it’s great fuel for worms and therefor creates great nutrients for the soil.  By starting your seedlings in a toilet paper roll you’re not only using something that otherwise gets thrown away, but also creating a food source for plants best friend: worms.

Re-Nest via You Grow Girl: Seed Starting: Toilet Paper Tubes For Your Garden.

Keep in mind, though, that as the first commenter wonders the cardboard can stifle root growth so I’d suggest cutting it or just opening it before planting to make sure there’s continuous growth – one of the most important factors to take into account when transplanting seedlings.

Image: You Grow Girl

Creative Reuse: 5 Ways To Upcycle Wooden Crates

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Apropos of today’s earlier post on wine crates, I thought I’d find some ways to channel that inspiration into practical projects.  Conveniently, the folks at Apartment Therapy have an article in their archives on their five favorite reuses for wooden crates, covering everything from pet feeding stations to storage to shelving:

Five Favorite Re-Uses For Wooden Crates

Personally, I love some of the shelving/storage ideas in there, but they’ll all get consideration next time I find myself with some wood crates.