About Recyclopedia

Recyclopedia aims to fill a relative void as the resource for all things Creative Reuse and Upcycling. What this means, or what we hope it to mean, is that Recyclopedia will become a place where anyone can go to figure out what to do with what would otherwise be trash; meaning everything from toilet paper rolls to dead light bulls, to fabric samples, etc. etc. etc. This ideal stems from a personal belief that we all, as a whole (specifically as Americans in our case), create way too much trash and buy way too much stuff when there are so many ways to divert those actions into creative (and meaningful) production.

Obviously this a high bar to reach, but we’ve got to start somewhere, right? As for who “we” are, as of now it is Nathaniel Baldwin and Erin Kiley. We currently live in Portland, Maine, where the creative reuse “movement” is just starting to take seed and where we hope to help it grow. We hope you will help the movement grow by participating in whatever capacity in this blog.

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