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DIY: Reclaimed Doors as Headboard

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

One of my girlfriend and my first purchases after moving into our first apartment together (and into the real world together, port-college) was a set of french doors from an “estate sale” (read: fancy word for a yard sale in Beverly Hills where yard sales are illegal).  They were $250 and it made no sense economically but I’m a sucker and she’s occasionally impulsive so there you have it.  Since then they’ve served various decorative functions and no practical functions, but we keep telling ourselves that we’re going to build our house around them (at least that’s the line that got us to buy them in the first place).  Anyway, Remodelista gives us another potential use for them, one I’ve seen before and have been intrigued by, though probably not for a door with glass in it: DIY: Reclaimed Doors as Headboard.

Not sure I’m a huge fan of this example but I like the idea behind it.  They’ve also got some good, location-specific resources for reclaimed doors.  Thoughts?